Can I Buy Direct from Bri-Mar? Bri-Mar only sells through an authorized dealer network.

How Do I Find a Dealer? You can locate a dealer with our Find-A-Dealer tool.

How do I Obtain a Replacement VIN tag? For a small fee, Bri-Mar can supply replacement VIN tags. Click here for options.

Can Bri-Mar Build a Custom Trailers? Bri-Mar is a production based manufacturer, with limited ability to be a true custom trailer manufacturer.  But we do have the ability to make some changes, depending on the request. You may contact our sales department at 717-261-0922, with your questions.

How Do I Get Parts and Service for My Bri-Mar Trailer? Most Bri-Mar Dealers offer parts and service after the sale.  Please contact any dealer for assistance or you may call us at 717-261-0922.  Bri-Mar parts are only sold through our dealer network.

What is Bri-Mar’s Warranty Policy? Bri-Mar’s Warranty Policy is located here.

How Do I Become a Dealer? Bri-Mar is always looking for quality businesses to represent our products. Complete the dealer inquiry and a Bri-Mar Representative will contact you to discuss further.

How Much Will My Trailer Carry? Carrying capacity is calculated by taking the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) and subtracting the trailers empty weight (tare). The remaining balance is the legal payload.

* EXAMPLE: 10,000 lbs. (GVWR) -minus 2,200 lbs. (Empty Weight) = 7,800 lbs. Payload

How DO I Determine the Weight of Material in my Trailer? You can find a list of Average Material Weights here.  These weights are for reference only and will vary.

What Type of Hydraulic Fluid Should I Use? The recommended Hydraulic Fluid is ATF-Automatic Transmission Fluid. We suggest Dexron Brand II or III, or compatible.

Please feel free to contact us if you have other questions. You can contact us or call us at 717-261-0922.