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August 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have added a new feature to our company. If you have a trailer (manufactured by ANY company) that has seen better days, we are now refurbishing trailers, making them new again. Whether your battling with rust, horrid paint, or faulty wiring, our refurb department is ready to help your trailer!

We start the process by blasting all the old paint off and disassembling the trailer down to the basics. The trailer then gets any new additions you may request welded onto the frame before being sent through prep, wash, paint, and assembly like any other BWise product.

Here’s a few testimonials we’ve received thus far:

“I am really glad B-Wise is refurbing trailers. I have watched my trailer age, rust, fade and occasionally suffer with wiring issues over the past few years. I just could not justify the layout of bucks for a brand new one because I don’t use it every day….more like once every two weeks. These guys gave it new life. After a few days and a fraction of the price for a new one…..I now have a ‘new’ trailer that will last longer than I will. Good job B-Wisers, you’re on the right track ‘making trailers great again.”

“You guys did a great job, and had quick turn around with my trailer!”

Make the Wise Choice and let us make your trailer great again! [email protected]